Earned value management consulting and training.

Since 1978, Humphreys & Associates, Inc. has provided
Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) consulting services and training to
government agencies and international corporations.

They have trained over 900,000 individuals at all functional and management levels. Their integration of technical, schedule and cost components help their clients achieve the full benefit of using a performance measurement system to enhance management visibility and control.

The Challenge

With new online upstarts claiming to be professionals on EVMS, Humphreys began experiencing new competition. Our goal was to create an inbound marketing strategy that supported Humphreys & Associates as the industry experts who provide all resources for EVMS training and consulting.

The project was especially interesting to our full team as we had also completed a website redesign for Humphreys as well, so we were able to close the loop on driving leads and sales via their website.

The Solution

We focused on the strategy, development and implementation of an inbound marketing solution that incorporated SEO, blog posts, email marketing and website development.


What We Did

Strategic Planning

Brand Redesign

Website Design and Development



Inbound Marketing