Strategy, design and marketing that hit a homerun.

Online retailer took the baseball and softball communities by storm when they opened their first Yahoo store nearly 15 years ago.

Offering a wide selection of equipment, accessories and apparel at discounted prices, it became apparent that the company was positioned to grow quickly. Sure enough, they outgrew their Yahoo store and approached Caliber Media Group to help them manage their growth.

The Challenge

With new online competitors on the rise, Cheapbats struggled to maintain original market share with their out of the box online store. It was quickly evident that a new website with greater flexibility and more functionalities would help Cheapbats better compete with online competitors. This included incentivizing customers via various marketing tools.

The Solution

After re-designing the site, we then focused on the strategy, architecture and implementation of email and impression-based marketing strategies. Email campaigns were crafted to reach new customers, including incentive-based promotions and giveaways. Simultaneously, we crafted an inbound marketing campaign using blogs and social media so that Cheapbats would continue their strong rankings across major search engines.


What We Did

Strategic Planning

Website Design and Development



Email Promotions

Impression-based Marketing and Retargeting

Social Media Management