Driving online dealer training forward.

As a leading car manufacturer based out of Korea
that includes popular cars like the Elantra and Sonata,
Hyundai manufactures over half of the vehicles sold in the United States.

The Challenge

Each time Hyundai offers a new feature, vehicle or service, they offer a live training presentation to their North American dealer network. In the past, Hyundai representatives would be flown to various dealerships around the US to provide the training to the dealership team. To reduce expenses and create a more streamlined environment, a new approach was taken; Hyundai would provide a 3-4 day live video stream training session to the dealer network.

The amount of companies able to successfully pull this kind of project off, Hyundai found, were few. But then they met us.

The Solution

We developed a way to create these meetings remotely through live video streaming. We also created multiple levels of moderation as a way for those watching to ask questions and receive answers in real time. Employees could text or email questions to various product experts, who would in turn answer questions live. Full professional event management was provided, all coordinated to position Hyundai to its dealers as an approachable, helpful and tech-savvy organization.


What We Did

Strategic Planning

Event Management and Marketing

Live Video Streaming