Mastering the perfect Mobile App to bring wildlife closer to you.

The creation of Master the Call stemmed from a passion for hunting, wildlife, and two friends who saw a need for a well designed and executed application to enhance your calling skills.

Growing from a simple idea on paper, Master the Call has developed into a beautifully designed phone application that allows users to learn, practice and master calls from an extensive wildlife library. Caliber Media Group was brought on to develop not only the application but to create a unique brand identity that ties in sophistication and usability.

The Challenge

With little to no competition, Master the Call was challenged with becoming a leader in the market while providing an app that will meet all the needs of various levels of users. This included creating a library of wildlife calls, designing an easy to use interface, and the ability to practice, save and listen to all of your calls. It became evident that a well-designed and easy to use application would be the best bet to incentivize users to download.

The Solution

Caliber Media Group answered the call by conceptualizing, creating, and designing the Master the Call phone application. Users who sign up can easily manage, add, and practice from an extensive assortment of wildlife calls. Along with creating the application, Caliber also created brand identity through development of a logo and website to enhance Master the Call’s presence online.


What We Did

Strategic Planning


Website Design and Development

Application Development