Instant Web Updates with CaliberCMSTM

No need to be technologically savvy to keep your website fresh.

Whether you are looking to update text, change pictures, or add a press release, CaliberCMS™ gives you the power to update your website – how you want and when you want. Forget those commoditized page builder solutions or expensive maintenance contracts - you’re in control! Our CaliberCMS™ custom framework was built to help you manage content, not pages, ensuring your brand is protected.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Create, edit and manage web content

With CaliberCMSTM you don't need to be technologically savvy to manage your site. Now, you can create, edit and manage HTML and XML web content, and syndicate it to multiple locations and devices. CaliberCMS™ is intuitive and easy to integrate; any content contributor will feel right at home. Unlike those out-of-the-box page building software packages, CaliberCMS™ is easy to use and provides you with full integration capabilities.

No more redundant changes

CaliberCMSTM is a browser-based content management tool allowing users to keep text and images up-to-date on their web site(s) through an intuitive administration interface. It is completely scalable from the simplest 'edit text' feature to providing the ability to create new pages and sections of the site, including graphics, layout and global navigation.

Any organization can benefit
from CaliberCMS, including:

  • Large organizations
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Small businesses
  • Government websites
  • Ecommerce and online reservations
  • Non-profit organizational websites
  • Online magazines, newspapers and blogs.

No formal web skills are required for you to be able to keep the content of your website up-to-date and avoid unnecessary and often expensive maintenance contracts.

CaliberCMSTM give you the power
to make these types of changes to your website:

  • Update Products, Faq's, Employment Opportunities, etc.
  • Publish events - calendar-based or time sensitive information
  • Manage images, documents and downloads
  • Manage navigational elements and page templates
  • Manage/analyze site visitors and process online transactions
  • Protect your brand by managing content, not entire pages

See CaliberCMS in action?