TYR Sport


Named after the mythical Norse god of warriors and deity among all athletes, the TYR brand embodies the competitive spirit of sports and is a symbol of courage and victory. Founded in 1985, TYR has passionately dedicated itself to redefining the next generation of performance and recreational swimwear and accessories, while continuing to be the model of leading edge innovation and style.


TYR Sport approached Caliber Media Group with the goal to upgrade from its existing ecommerce application to an enterprise-class solution that would give them greater flexibility and support their growing online needs. In addition to a stronger foundation, TYR required a full-service agency that had the creative and development expertise to execute more innovative and community-based initiatives.


Caliber implemented CaliberCommerce™ Enterprise-level Ecommerce Solution for TYR Sport, which supported their significant online growth. Viral marketing features such as cross-sells, bestsellers, featured items, counterparts, email a friend and wish lists added to the user experience. In addition, Caliber implemented CaliberConnect™ E-mail Marketing Solution, a tool that allows TYR to consistently email its customers regarding specials, news, events, etc.

Caliber also developed a Team Guide for TYR which allows swim and water polo teams to set up their team’s gear and to purchase through retail locations or online. Most recently Caliber has integrated CaliberCommerce with TYR’s back-end inventory fulfillment system which streamlines their order and fulfillment processes.


Greater flexibility and customization: TYR Sport now benefits from a complete online business solution that provides them with greater flexibility and customization than ever before.

Increased marketing opportunities: TYR’s new online store and e-mail marketing solution gives them far more marketing flexibility, including viral marketing features such as email a friend and wish lists. In addition, the full-service nature of Caliber Media Group gives TYR access to additional marketing strategy, recommendations and opportunities.

Enhanced relationship with retailers: Through their Team Guide, TYR is able to work closely with retailers to increase their sales through larger team purchases.

Increase in online traffic and sales: TYR has benefited from the search engine-friendly CaliberCommerce solution and receives additional traffic and sales from both search engines as well as the store’s viral features.

View their website at www.TYR.com.